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Project Details

  • Client: Stephanie Leung
  • Company: BC Innovation Council
  • link:

Design Contributions

Project Description

BC Innovation Council asked me to build their email template for their newsletter and press release.  Ironically, they didn’t need anything innovative for their newletter!  (wauh-wauh)  This simple tidy email was simple to design, but an adventure testing.

Any web designer knows to test their websites against different browsers.  Email designing is no execption, except there are more browsers to test.  Theres: 4 different versions of Outlook, Entourage, MacMail, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird.  Then there’s gmail, hotmail, and yahoo.  Basically you can narrrow websites down to 3-4 browsers, but mail clients have a more even distribution.  Not to mention that there are a lot of methods of distribution including Campaign Monitor, MyEmma to name a few.  That was fun… but worth it because the outcome is the 3Cs – clean, clear, and corporate.