Grandview Golf Course


Posted on Sunday, May 10th, 2009.

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  1. I enjoyed the tournament yesterday. Tiger still finished inside the top 5 after not playing for 5 months so I believe he will come back.

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Grandview Golf Course is located in Custer, WA, just south of the US/Canada border.  One of the great things about being so close to the border, is that appeal for Canadians to jump across the border and play a good round of golf without breaking their bank accounts.  The great challenge though is telling the Canadians!  Grandview seems to be a great little secret around Vancouver, but being a secret is no good for business.

Designing a golf course website is rewarding, and working with this client was easy and accomidating, on both sides.  I was able to help him create a unique, visually appealing website with marketing hooks to help to highlight promotions to both American and Canadian visitors.  Once the website was in place, a marketing campaign was created to help drive users to the website and hopefully drive them down to play at Grandview.