Riese The Series


Posted on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009.

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Project Details

Design Contributions

Project Description

Riese the Series is an steampunk inspired webisode shot using the Red Camera.  The vision for this project is to create a website attracted fanboys (and fangirls) to watch episodes, engage in the community, and emerse themselves in the Riese world.  Promotions for the Riese the Series website was coordianated through Social Media outlets such as Facebook, and Twitter.

SixSix8 teamed with Novel Media and create a strategy and design for the Riese team to help them make their ideas for the film to come alive.  The project was divided into 1 phases.  The first was a place holder website made to direct the potential fans to a facebook site.  The second phase was a wordpress design created to receive traffic from an aggressive marketing campaign at Comic-Con 2009.  Our intention is to properly direct users to different engagement tools (forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.)

The final phase will be the final resting place for the video series.  Each of the 10 episodes will be released on a schedule, and the users will be able to watch, comment and participate in the adventures of Riese and her ever evolving world of Elysia.

UPDATE: Episode 1 “The Hunt” released on November 5.