Island Hockey 101


Posted on Sunday, September 20th, 2009.

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Island Hockey 101 is an adult hockey league operating out of Victoria, BC.  In 3 short years of existance, IH101 has grown into the largest recreational hockey league on Vancouver Island.  Aimed towards beginners and intermediate players, this league promotes safety, and teamwork as the cornerstones of it’s athletes, yet maintaining the competitiveness of hockey.  One of the most important characteristics of Island Hockey 101 is that players are all treated like hockey stars which means indepth, up-to-date stats, various all-star games, and unique prizes.

One of the challenges of this site is to make information accessable, and clear.  One of my great pride is the original Island Hockey 101 site was immediate a success and players felt their website was better than any other league.  So the quest was to maintain that level of excellence during the re-code of the backend.