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Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2009.

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Camp Kintail is a Presbyterian summer camp for kids located on the shores of Lake Heron in Ontario, Canada. Summer camps, like so many non-profit organizations, need to attract kids, young leaders, and donations on a limited budget. But one Camp Kintail’s strengths is their highly motivated alumni, and volunteers, not to mention a very-engaged leadership. So the strategy for their website was to create a robust usable website that’s easy to update by the Camp Kintail director (Theresa MacDonald-Lee) and her team.

This is where WordPress really shines. I was able to use the free tools already available on the internet that Camp Kintail was currently using such as Flickr and Blogger. With WordPress’ vast plug-in library, I was able to make it easy for Camp Kintail to make changes and updates to their website without a large learning curve. I think it’s important to not complicate your clients, but make their life easier! Hopefully, as the Camp Kintail website becomes a stronger marketing and communications tool, the value of having a customizable interface, will be an asset to their growth.

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