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Posted on Saturday, October 10th, 2009.

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  1. Clarke says:

    This is a terrific blog/website for Robert. It showcases his character and charm perfectly.

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Robert Wilson is a Canadian singer-songwriter in Vancouver, BC.  He has released 3 albums full of  highly personal songs range from sweetly quiet to playfully upbeat.  Robert has established himself as one of Vancouver’s most engaging live performers, and has shared live shows Aimee Mann, Shelby Lynn, Jason Mraz, Dan Bern, eighties soft rockers Air Supply and The Brothers Creeggan (The Barenaked Ladies), to name just a few.

On the eve of the release of his third studio release “Lovers One – Haters Zero”, Robert Wilson needed a new website which more closely aligns with the look and feel of this album art.  So his website was inspired by a 70’s ‘Saul Bass’ design mixed with a west coast flavor.  WordPress was used to help Robert Wilson connect and communicate with his fans pulling in Flickr, YouTube, and blogging to make his website come alive.

If you want to listen to Robert Wilson’s music, you can download his mp3s on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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