I design naked, and you should too.

November 2747, 2009
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Starting a brand new WordPress template is pretty daunting.  I might compare it to a painter and a blank canvas, but that doesn’t have a structure or framework to work around.  Maybe it’s more like having dinosaur skeleton, and trying to figure what that dinosaur actually looks like.  You always have the option of downloading a packaged WordPress themes from sites like WooThemes but you’ll be just adding another cookie-cutter design to the world-wide-super-net (and your right-side of my brain just shrivels up into non-creative clump).  Sorry … what I need is something with more freedom to create and design, but I don’t want the hassle of stripping code, or hand building page templates.

Welcome, Mr Elliot Jay Stocks (a super web designer) and thank you for a little free download you have on your site called “Starker, a completely naked WordPress theme”.  Stalker is a vanilla theme that strips out all the designed fluff in the default WordPress theme and leaves you with the bare-bones to work with.  It installs just like any other WordPress theme, but visually it looks like the most simplest (and fugliest) website ever created – white background, New Times Roman (gawk I know!).  Structurally though, it’s all there for you, page.php, single.php, comments.php, style.css and all our lovely friends that are part of a WordPress theme but all butt-naked so you can do with whatever you… er… let’s just say, you can dress them up.  Each page has the proper header, footer, sidebar includes…in fact that’s just about all it has!  The <head> file in the header is already pre-coded with the <title> variables, DTD type, and <meta> tags you’ll need. If you look closely at the style.css, also included is a well coded reset.css and a useful typography.css to put you on the right track.

The best part is that this theme is provided absolutely free not to mention fully GPL Licensed for your commercial projects.  So with your next web project, give this theme a try.  You’ll find that you’ll be spending less time, setting up your WordPress install and spending more time doing the fun stuff, like floating divs, and padding wrappers!


You can download this theme at Elliot Jay Stocks’ website at http://www.elliotjaystocks.com/starker/

To view the demo of this theme click on this link: http://elliotjaystocks.com/starkers/demo/

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3 Responses to “I design naked, and you should too.”

  1. Scripto says:

    Nice post..Keep them coming 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah Santos says:

    I like this theme. It may be simple and/or bare, but it still looks a whole lot better than the default WordPress theme.

    Sometimes less can be more.

    • admin says:

      The default WP themes has too many images and css tags and I found I was deleting way to much. Thx for the comment.