Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009.

2 Responses to “Orquidea”

  1. Linda Mackei says:

    Nice work Preston!

  2. As always, Preston, nice work! So clean and elegant.


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Orquidea is a fashion boutique nestled in the trendy Dunderave area of West Vancouver, B.C.  Their motto is Modern Fashion…Timeless Style which is the direction given for this website’s design.  Or decision was to create something modern and clean that caters to the modern woman.   We coordianated with her instore brands such as Blacky Dress, Cheri Milaney, and Sara Pacini, and created a unique gallery of fashion and design that are in season.

This WordPress design mimics many high-end fashion and clothing brands but keeps the user interface easy enough for the Maureen to update her content in the ever changing fashion retail market.

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