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7 Responses to “Brand Study Nintendo (Part 1)”

  1. My cousin would really appreciate this website. We were just talking about this. lol

  2. Anyone knows if Final Fantasy Dissidia is coming to DS anytime soon? Or it is going to stay at PSP forever? 🙁 NDS Roms

    • admin says:

      I hate it when they do that. Really… they’re going to make more money on two platforms rather then one!

  3. It appears that you’ve put a good amount of effort into your article and I want a lot more of these on the World Wide Web these days. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I do not have a bunch to to say in response, I only wanted to register to say remarkable work.

    • admin says:

      Thanks. Wikipedia has a good history of Nintendo, but I like to put it in a different context, rather then just listing dates and events. I hope you read Part 2 also.

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