Featured Artist – Kevin Isaac of Orca Illustrations

December 1039, 2009
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I’m happy to introduce another series of blog posts highlighting some truly talented individuals. Through the years in the web design and graphic arts industry, I’ve come across so many people who’s talent makes you shutter and it’s been my pleasure to accompany them on our journey in promoting art and designs.

Kevin Isaac Orca Illustrations

Kevin Isaac is a comic-style artist and graphic illustrator based out of Vancouver, Canada who works under his company, Orca Illustrations (est. 2005).  I’ve known Kevin many years, and he has always been able to make amazing character illustrations that have emotions and life.  If you walk through any Cineplex Entertainment movie theatre in Canada, you’ll see evidence of his artwork in posters, signs and other marketing material.  In 2006, he created his own independent comic book title “Moonglow” which was distributed here locally in Vancouver.  Ok, I’ll shut up now, and I’ll let you enjoy his art….

(Oh oh, one more thing.  Follow his blog at http://www.formfunction.blogspot.com/ and if you really like his work you can fan him on Facebook.)

Indiana Jones

Kevin Isaac Orca Illustrations

Graphic design commission


TMNT Leonardo


Sketch cards


King Kong concept sketch


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