Minimalist NHL Teams

September 2242, 2011
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181 Responses to “Minimalist NHL Teams”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Any chance that I can still buy a t-shirt or poster? I would love to get some with the Habs logo, great work!

  2. Emily says:

    Why does it say Ottawa and not Senators? …

  3. Love the Wings and Hawks won, even if I’m a Caps fan!

  4. […] Finally, these spectacular minimalist NHL team posters from SixSix8 Productions: […]

  5. Sean says:

    D’oh, the Habs one is white at the store. Too bad, I would have bought the red one.

  6. Kelly says:

    The oiler poster is my fav, Cool Idea

  7. Ryan says:

    Wow these look great how much for the oilers and red wings posters and tee’s?

    Let me know thanks

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hmmm…I love the designs but I can’t help feel that the vancouver canucks one is a bit plain? I wish it had more spunk in it! Something that really says “WE’RE THE FREAKING CANUCKS AND DON’T FORGET IT” besides the end of a hockey stick.
    Please don’t feel like I’m mocking your work because I think they look fantastic

    • Kelly says:

      That would be a riot if the Canucks poster said “WE’RE THE FREAKING CANUCKS AND DON’T FORGET IT”

      • Johnny Canuck says:

        The Canucks poster should just be part of a police car on fire. Now that would be a riot.

  9. Gord says:

    They look great!!! E-mail me when the T’s are available….

  10. SB says:


  11. Goalguy says:

    these are sweet!!

  12. Greg says:

    These look awesome. I’m interested in ordering three of the flyer’s logo design. Please e-mail me as soon as they become available.

    Thank you!


  13. Ian Stewart says:

    Very cool idea! I love the how it grabs your attention with out being very busy. A full sized poster would look good in any guys mancave!

  14. jo says:

    can we possibly get a poster/wallpaper with all the teams? sort of how it’s laid out here?

  15. four says:

    Definitely interested in getting a wings poster – let me know!

  16. F says:

    Hi, I am also wondering how much for the Oilers poster.

  17. Mack says:

    How much for an Oilers poster

  18. Patrick says:

    Will there be a poster with all of the logos (similar to how the display is now)?

  19. tom says:

    Love the kings logo. Please let me know how much the tees are going for.

  20. Dom says:

    These are horrible. Just the logos zoomed in so you can’t even tell what the hell they are.

  21. becky says:

    how much are these??? =]

  22. Ben says:

    why is the senators poster captioned ottawa?

  23. Anagh says:

    Please give me a price; it would be absolutely perfect for my friend’s birthday.


  24. Dave says:

    I want one of the Blues ones. Let me know when they will be available.

  25. Gurpreet says:

    These look sick! For sure gonna buy 1